Where will Love be born and raised?

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Once upon an anxious time,  Justice,  magnificent and imposing, was seen to sit alone on the threshold of the sky. The wise Time approached her and asked with a sense of concern:

-What is wrong, Justice?

She turned her gaze towards him, and he discerned sorrow in her eyes.

-I am worried! she answered him with a serious voice. There is a lot of freedom down there … too much freedom and I can’t get along with it. It’s a rushing stream that drags whatever pure finds in its passage. People, very freely do injustice … they deceive, hurt, destroy each other…

But those … those are different. They are still taking me into consideration…. They are still protecting me…  They still want me in their lives… . If you pass through their authentic thoughts and their bright feelings, you will find me on the front line… always, to guide and shield their existence.

She bent her head and let her eyes wander upon the mountains, to gaze through the tops of the tall trees, to dive into the oceans and finally rise to see …  to see the land! She was worried every time she found them moving between the rest of the people.

If they knew that their greatest weakness is the… (…ongoing…)


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