New music page – Music colors – Reading how feelings sound like



New music page

new music page

Music colors

Reading how feelings sound like

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new music page

Lexicolors: A writers’ team observing, recording and researching issues about everyday life. Writing about human relationships, genuine friendship and authentic family unity.

Our work is available in international bookstores and libraries. We keep 3 blogs in which we publish literary stories and content from our associates (topics: books, ebooks, publishing, music, art, design, web design, marketing, education).

Today, we have just published the music section of our website (” music colors “).

You may take a look around and you will find interesting content from our associates. You can listen to music, search for the creators and find the legal download links (genres: mostly new age & classical). Some of our members are amateur musicians. They find songs of high quality and create music mixes which are available here:

How can you suggest an idea, article or request topics?

Send us a message with your comments or questions.

Youtube Music Playlist

How can we describe these songs? Inspiration, meaning, music colors, words without letters, in a word: quality.

Music to listen on Soundcloud


Find out more:

Visit our new music page

For more information:

Visit our website

Writers page:

Lexicolors Blogger – Lexicolors – Tryfintech – Ecosteps Website – Ecosteps Blogspot – Ecosteps Medium

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